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Voice training program:

Sight Reading Factory

Instructions: Recording, Saving, and Uploading

Our method for recording is for each singer to make and save two recordings and then upload them from their smartphone. See Steps 1-3 below.

Step 1: Make and Save a Voice-Only Audio Recording

The first recording will be voice-only, which you will make using some sort of voice-memo program on your phone (on Apple iPhones that's the Voice Memo app).

  • For this recording you can wear whatever clothing you want, watch Scott conduct, and look at the lyrics. Do as many takes as you want until you are happy with your recording.

  • Wear earbuds or headphones connected to a different device than your phone (your computer, iPad, etc.). On this different device, listen, watch and sing along to the reference recording..

  • When you’re ready, make your own recording on your phone while singing along to the reference recording that's playing on your other device.

  • Listen to your recording. When you're satisfied, send it to Paul as detailed in Step 3.

Step 2: Make a Visual Video Recording

The second recording is for your visual video image, which you will make using your phone's camera/video application.

Wear the designated outfit, optionally comb your hair (if any), and record a video of yourself singing.

  • Formal outfit: white shirt, blue blazer with Winged M pin, Balladeers tie. See "Home for the Holidays".

  • Informal outfit: black polo with Balladeers logo. See "Hard to be Humble".

  • Sea shanties outfit: "seafaring" clothing, such as pea coat, jacket, sweater, cloth hat, etc. See "Keep Haulin' " for ideas.

  • To make the video file a more compact size that will upload faster, go to your phone’s camera settings and set video resolution to 720p.

  • You can sing along with the reference recording playing through your speakers--you do not need to wear earbuds or headphones. Background noise doesn’t matter because we throw away the audio from this video recording and replace it with your previous, gorgeous, voice-only recording.

  • Pick a simple, uncluttered background for your video; avoid having light fixtures directly visible in your video.

  • Arrange your face and shoulders (and MAC logo on your blazer) in the middle of the camera frame.

  • Sing looking into the phone’s video camera lens and SMILE!

  • Tip from Spencer: To make it easier to see Scott conducting while you sing, tape your phone right onto the screen of the device that’s playing the reference recording.

  • Watch your recording. When you're satisfied, send it to Paul as detailed in Step 3.

Step 3: Send files to Paul

Google drive instructions:

Click here for Google drive instructions

That’s it, you're done! Thanks for participating!