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When I'm Sixty-Four:

Tenor 1 (open in browser) or download

Tenor 2 (open in browser) or download

Baritone (open in browser) or download

Bass (open in browser) or download

Instructions:  Recording, Saving, and Uploading

Our method for recording is for each singer to make and save two recordings and then upload them from their smartphone. See Steps 1-3 below.

Step 1: Make and Save a Voice-Only Audio Recording

The first recording will be voice-only, which you will make using some sort of voice-memo program on your phone (on Apple iPhones that's the Voice Memo app). 

Step 2: Make a Visual Video Recording

The second recording is for your visual video image, which you will make using your phone's camera/video application

Wear the designated outfit, optionally comb your hair (if any), and record a video of yourself singing.

Step 3:  Send files to Paul

Google drive instructions:

Click here for Google drive instructions

That’s it, you're done! Thanks for participating!