NOTE:  rehearsals are generally Thursday evenings  at 7:15pm at the MAC  (see exceptions below). 
Check the club's digital reader-boards for room location.

Welcome to Fall 2023 Balladeers 

(See  schedule below as of 2/10/2024)





22--Rehearsal.  7:15pm-8:30pm

 25 (Sunday)--United Sing On.  3pm-5pm--MAC Ballroom.  Call :  1:00pm.  Dress:  Formal Uniform

29--Rehearsal.  7:15-8:30


7--Rehearsal.  7:15-8:30

14--Rehearsal.  7-15-8:3

23--Rehearsal.  7:15-8:30

30--Rehearsal.  7:15-8:30.


April 28 (Sunday)--Annual Concert at MAC.  2 pm (call to be determined)  Sunday afternoon...likely rehearsal that morning.